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Ms. Bridgé is a very unique individual, in that she uses her talents and resources for the

benefit of others. She not only encourages others to follow their dreams, but even further, she
works to promote and publicize their unique talents.

Ms. Bridgé is a self-made multi-talented entrepreneur!

In 2008 Ms. Bridgé believed within the next 3 to 5 years every major publication would be
online. Always ahead of her time and the uncanny ability of knowing what the future holds. In
2008 she created her dream job: editor of Lmh Mag. One of South Beach Miami’s first trend
setting online magazine. Ms. Bridgé developed the format for using her magazine as a platform
for showcasing and promoting up and coming talents and business owners.

6 months after the first publication of Lmh Mag she produced, directed and executive produced
her online talk show called Chat “N” it UP with Lmh Mag. Ms. Bridgé interviewed celebrities
and talented individuals that she featured in Lmh Mag. She credits her first interviews with
actor/comedian Jay Phillips with helping get the talk show off and the magazine off the ground’.
Jay Phillips’s interviews was made possible by the King of Miami, Gerry Kelly.

Under her watch, Lmh Mag readership went from south beach Miami to become a international
household name.

After 7 successful years as the editor of Lmh Mag she embarked on a new career. In May of 2015
she opened B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing. BBE Marketing offers its clients PR
marketing, social media promotion, e-blast and newsletter designs and client interviews with
Ms. Bridgé.

In July of 2015 Ms. Bridgé published the first issue of The B. Buzz Mag. The B. Buzz Mag is a
inside source to celebrity news and style, business news and tips, fashion news and trends,
health and beauty, human interest, up and coming talents, paying it forward program and more.

24 issues later B. Buzz Mag has a following in 106 countries and counting.

Ms. Bridgé has lived all around the world and is both well-rounded and cultured. Before moving
to sunny South Florida, she spent several years living in Rome, Italy. Ms. Bridgé's life story is
most definitely a fascinating one.

Beautiful, multi-talented, and confident, when she made that move from Rome to Miami in
2003, she promptly opened up her own Miami-based hair salon, LMH Extensions. She has also
dabbled in the fine arts, creating unique pieces of wall art, and she is also an accomplished
jewelry designer. The jewelry she wears during her interviews and social events was most likely
designed by her. Additionally, Ms. Bridgé has been a successful music producer and as noted,
owns the wildly successful B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing and B. Buzz Mag and B. Buzz TV.

Ms. Bridgé Cover dress designed by emerging designer Anastasia Sagalovich
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