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Cece Feinberg

owner of CeCe Feinberg Public Relations

After a interview with Ms. Bridgé Cece Feinberg stated how relaxed
and at ease she felt. Ms. Feinberg explained she’s a very private
person and for that reason interview is something she is not in the
habit of doing.
She admitted how surprised she was that Ms. Bridgé was able to get
her to open up and share so much about herself.
A comment Ms. Bridgé was honored to hear and receive.

Actor/Comedian Jay Phillips

Jay Phillips stated Ms. Bridgé asked all the right questions. And at
no point did I ever feel uncomfortable during the interview.
Mr. Phillips was Ms. Bridgé first celebrity interview.

                      Bill Sorvino

                                                                    Who’s Jenna…?

                                                  Director: Thomas Baldinger
                                                  Writers: Thomas Baldinger,
                                                  Stars: Tracey Birdsall, Bill
                                                  Sorvino, Joseph
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