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Ms. Bridgé’s compassion, emotions and empathy for the person she is interviewing has

captivated audiences since 2009. She contributes this to her one and only rule. No prepared
questions, Ever. Knowing as less about the person she is interviewing insures her questions
and reactions are always 100% sincere and nature.

She strongly believes interviews are always about the person she’s interviewing, not her. She
completely understands the person she is interviewing is putting their career in her hands. And,
it is her job to produce and director their interview in the best possible light.

Ms. Bridgé is self-taught in lighting, directing, videographer, and studio setup. She believed

learning the ins and out of how the process worked gave her a better understanding of the
interviewing experience. It also allowed her to offer something almost unheard of at TV studios.
Complete privacy and confidentiality.

Only Ms. Bridgé and the show guest(s) are allowed on set during the interview. The studio
atmosphere is two old friends chatting and having a good time over a glass of wine or soda.
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